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August 19, 2003 — Leave a comment

i`m at the spice island beach resort in grenada [vic we`re coming here, the bathroom is huge and the jacuzzi is real adult size]

i`ve been napping since i checked in for my flight at four am, airports are not made to sleep in but at least piarco does not do that piece of nonsense where they put a partition between every two seats so you can`t stretch out. so i slept in the airport, i slept on the plane, got here checked in, had a shower, had breakfast, checked the equipment and now like the addict i am, i`m here posting.

where is here you ask? it`s the business centre of the hotel ie a desktop computer, a inkjet printer in a tiny room with ac, for which my room is billed US$10 an hour. so i`m going to make the most of it, i have multiple windows open checking mail, reading the news [oh safari, oh camino, oh mozilla, how i miss thy tabbed browsing] and aim is up, hoping vic shows soon. 🙂 [if we miss each other, i`m safe love, exhausted but safe]

i should go sleep but you know that point where you`re too tired to sleep? yep that`s it, i have officially been up for 27 hours.

i`m going to go to my room now and finish my book and then have a nap. hope your day goes well. adieu

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