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August 19, 2003 — Leave a comment

i am packed and by all rights i should be sleeping, but it`s 1:30 am and the taxi is going to be here in two hours. if i got to sleep now, there is no way, i`m going to get up on time.

which brings me to the title of my post, when i was a wee lad; and for those of you that know me, i know that can be hard to imagine, i was once wee. anyway, my mother and i used to go to jamaica every christmas, my maternal grandparents lived there, my mother is jamaican; more things about me you didn`t know, again with the straying, must be exhaustion. the flight to jamaica, left trinidad at 7am and with the 2 hour check-in we needed to be there by five, my mother would stay up all night, packing and then sleep on the plane. looks like i`ve come full circle. i`ve been up since 6am yesterday morning. it`s an inconsequential flight [35 minutes] so by the time i fall asleep, i need to get up again. it`s my intention to check in and crawl into bed and sleep til noon. but you know the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

i have no idea what the internet situation, so this maybe my last post til i return on wednesday night. i`m going to check out some other blogs, then go get dressed. be safe. caio.

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