rested, fed and pandering to my addiction

August 19, 2003 — Leave a comment

i had a lovely sleep til i was awoken by my stomach and now that i`ve eaten, i`m going to go back to my room and finish reading my book, i love this place, there`ll be pictures tomorrow. i`m almost loathe to find out the cost of the rooms, it`s just so nice.

thankfully, i`ve seen very little and heard less of the prattling of my boss, we did go try to get some binding done, but i think my monosyllabic answers threw her, so she`s off getting sorbet and annoying someone else. i had a large, late lunch type of thing, so i should be go for the rest of the evening.

we`re right on the beach so some time tonight i`ll come down and say a prayer and medititate a bit. i`m not a big fan of religion, but i do believe and feel the connection a power greater than myself, particularly when i`m close the water.

i`m not going to talk to vic online tonight, the office with the internet connection closes at 9, so i`ll try to share some of my joy and peace with her spiritually.

stay tuned, i`ll be back tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel

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