you are getting very sleepy

July 9, 2003 — Leave a comment

pretty soon i’m going to have qwerty tattoo’d on my forehead and as much as i like ink, i’m not quite sure how that’s going to fit in with the rest of my ink.

it’s almost 11:30, i’ve gotten some work done but not as much i’d like, i can smell the rain and i really should get to bed but i’d at least like to know vic is alright. again with the worrying, but this is so unlike her. no call, no email. just the sort of thing to send my active imagination into overdrive. sigh. i just found a friend resident stateside to give her a call.

in the mean time i took this quiz [thanks purpleturtle]

genital piercing

You Are A Genital Piercing

The ultimate wild child, you make Madonna look tame.

Chances are, you’ve tried anal and liked it.

Your place is like booty call central, a total revolving door for hotties.

No one would ever mistake you for a virgin!

What Piercing Are *You*?

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oooh, don’t you just love it when a bunch of people show up online. so much for going to bed.

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