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July 10, 2003 — Leave a comment

got up early this morning and there was an email from vic, in my heart i knew she was ok, it’s just that mother hen portion of my brain, that would stop with the worst case scenarios.
it’s the other reason, why, on a morning as lovely as this; the rain is drizzling on the roof, it’s dark, it looks like 5am; i’m up. sitting in front of this machine, didn’t hear the phone ring, so i’m checking mail.

i’m looking forward to walking away from it for the ten days that vic is here.

back to hair news, i don’t know why i waited so fucking long to get this done. really, i feel like a fucking hair commercial. my hair is bouncy and smells so good. i got heckled in the office all day yesterday, that i’d been hiding away all these good looks, all the time. right. and you have a bridge in nariva to sell me. whatever.

vic is here in just over a week. we have somewhere to stay, we have a mode of transport. we may have to eat each other for the entire trip if i don’t get off my ass with this corporate identity but it’s not like we weren’t planning to do that anyway. so much for subtlety. it’s been almost 10 months, i think i’m entitled to be lascivious and salacious.

on with the show.

it’s the first post of the day, you know what that means

[oooh, oooh, oooh, pick me, pick me]

that’s right memes time:

3 for Thursday (#38)

1.  Have you ever had pets?  If so, name 3 (names and/or types) that you’ve had.  (Pet rocks do not count).   cats, i’m a big cat person – had a number of cats over my life time, the latest is a ginger tom named jiffy (my mother and daughter are responsible for the name)

2.  What are 3 things you love or hate about pets?
a. love the independent own way nature of cats
b. when there affectionate, they’re really sweet
c. and their almost human propensity for scorn

3.  What are 3 types of pets that you’d never have?
a. reptiles
b. bird
c. hamsters (they’re really just cute mice)

BONUS: If your pet had to have expensive surgery or lifetime shots (like insulin for a diabetic animal) would you put your pet through it, or make the hard decision to put them to sleep? no, it wouldn’t, it’s a matter of practicality and survival really. it sounds harsh, but hurting my pet to keep it alive seems… well cruel.

The Thursday Threesome
::From the Summer Picnic Basket!::

Onesome- Honey: Hey there! Not that you personally need any sweetening, but just in case: what goes in your summer drinks to sweeten things up? Honey? Sugar? Artificial sweetener? …or are your taking things straight up this time ‘round?  straight up

Twosome- Mustard: Okay, what condiment has to come to the table for that burger or hotdog? Ketchup? Mustard? Salt? Pepper? Just what is it you ‘relish’? a delicate combo of ketchup and pepper (hot sauce for the uninitiated)

Threesome- Sauce: …and along with that, which sauce do you simply have to have around? BBQ? A-1? That special sauce you learned to make when you worked fast food at the mall? How about it? You brought those napkins along for a reason! a well made bbq is always good, otherwise i’m good. more savoury than sweet.

sorry got side tracked with this ulitmate 80s quiz.

i’ll try to post the results during the day.

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