streching (mentally & physically)

July 12, 2003 — Leave a comment

after last nights adventures, i’m easing my way into the day:

Sexy Saturday either ors (from faymow):

1. Oral or Vaginal?
is this giving or receiving? what am i saying, i’m orally fixated. duh

2. Hour long sweat session or quickie?
it all depends but next week we get to try out all the possibilities.

3. Missionary or Doggie?
variety is the spice of life, going to do it all next week, too. but honestly i prefer missionary or positions where i can see vic face.

the saturday scruples courtesy girlunderway:

1.  Angry neighbors are beating up a man they caught sexually assaulting a girl. Do you try to stop them?
hmmmm, morally dilemma… i would probably want to join in, but i’d call the police first. i would try to reason with them til the police got there.

2.  Your current sweetheart confesses that s/he financed college by working as a prostitute. Do you end the relationship?
why? one of the things that make people interesting is the experiences that shape them. and who am i to judge anyone.

3.  Your 12-year-old son asks you to rent a PLAYBOY video for him. Do you?
no, it’s not age appropriate. and besides it sends the wrong symbols about sexuality, there is enough stuff in the library for him to read.

well this took longer than expected, i suppose it’s because i’m watching tv. i’m going to get some food, i’ll be back

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