lazy days and saturday are good

July 12, 2003 — Leave a comment

i love saturdays like this, i watched kids wb, i watched cartoon network and then i watched on of the most surreal pieces of programming on tv – invader zim.

is it me or is the adult content of saturday morning cartoons been cranked up a notch. actually most children’s programming or is it just the vice in my adult mind? even sesame street, well the one we watched as children [let’s see; showing my age here; between ‘78 – ‘86] there was so much subtext. i watched an episode recently, it’s so pc, it’s just boring. actually i find a lot of the education programming goes so out of the way to be pc, it just sucks the element of fun out of it. there are all these in jokes and subtext in the generally programming and most of it appears directed to adults. i guess it’s an attempt to make these animated series family viewing.

in more news of the surreal, somewhere between getting my hair neatened and my sheer exuberance at vic’s impending arrival, i seemed to have turned into… dare i say it… a looker? – people are staring, i’m getting compliments. vic think i’m sexy but she loves and she married me, so she’s baised. i’m stunned, i’ve never really considered myself much of a looker, i’m comfortable with who i am, but i guess i think i have more of my share of troll days than most people.  i’m trying to demur and take them graciously, but the sheer volume just has me somewhat overwhelmed. i mean, i was getting salacious looks at AD last night, which is uncommonly rare for me. i do not fit the profile, i’m not effeminate, i’m not a hard body, not by any stretch of the imagination and i don’t behave particularly slutty. [* there is an aside here, i’ll get to it in a moment]

i’m not accustomed to the attention and at heart i’m antisocial. i remember when i was about 10 not wanting to go somewhere with my mother and coming up with all sorts of [what i thought to be, then] brilliant excuses. my mother accused me of being antisocial, i think she right. for my friends i’ll do almost anything to help and defend them to the end, but for the general public and large masses of people, i tend not to be too kosher about [that’s putting it mildly]. which makes me wonder how i got through all those carnivals and how i make friends exactly.
hmmm, this could be why i like the internet, i can make friends without interacting with the unwashed masses and generally online conversations take some degree of cerebral stimulation, which is a major selling point for me.

*[insert aside here] i’ve realised between the pride fete and last nights adventures, i can’t lead when i’m dancing, it’s strange, i can dance on my own, i can wine back, but the concept of directing someone else’s movements is foreign to me. just wanted to make that observation. fin.

ok, we’ve come to the end of another of keifel’s long ass post.
thank you for playing.

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