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July 13, 2003 — Leave a comment

but this is damn near ridiculous.

it’s a little after 10pm and i’ve been asleep since 3pm and i think the only thing that got my ass out of bed is hunger. it’s been an hour since i started this post, but i got sidetracked by dead lilke me on showtime. i like television, i particularly like stuff that’s well written with witty banter. which doesn’t explain my love of charmed and the other trite shit, that i tend to watch.
i guess it’s how my mind works, same sort of diverse tastes in music and reading material. i was on an 80s binge earlier today but i’m a little ‘pop’-ed out right now, dug into the archives and came up the first metallica album, it’s interesting to see the development. speaking of which i heard the first single the other day. bleech. i could see why they want to keep the album format [there is a story about that online somewhere, go find it, i’m feeling lazy], that single sucks ass [badly with teeth], that shit would never sell on it’s own.
wait, what am i saying? this is the same world that’s foisted backstreet and n’syc on us. which brings me to another thought, how manufactured are these pop acts, i mean isn’t there one in every generation?
every generation has a popular mainstream act, a mainstream act, that used to be underground sensation, an underground sensation, that’s just ripe to go mainstream… you get the general idea or am i just cynical and paranoid from working in advertising.
and on the subject of being paranoid and advertising [aren’t segues wonderful], found this guardian online article about trading on fear.

although i had a seven hour nap, i should get some sleep i’m supposed to go kayaking with the RSH in the morning, although i haven’t heard from her for the day.

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