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July 14, 2003 — Leave a comment

it’s a beautiful thing to watch daylight gradually seep in, as the full moon wanes. i just got in after an early morning airport run, the sun isn’t quite up yet, the sky is just lightening, the lights are still on. it just added to my good mood. even though my sleep cycle is completely our of synch. got up at three to take a friend to the airport. even then outside was well light, the moon was out, the sky cloudless. it was beautiful.

today is going to be interest and short. it’s local government elections here [more bs for the masses, i’m really sorry there isn’t a none of the above category on the ballot, that’s about the only that’ll get me to the polls] and that means i have 2 hours to vote as well as my lunch hour, i think i’ll be leaving work a little after one for the day.

vic is here in 4 days and the hours are just slipping away, the pig and her significant other were giving me a little pong for it at the airport, is like i said vic was coming and my whole face light up. like the sun come early. now if the cash will start rolling in. i’ll be a lot less worried.

anyway, there is hair washing and bathing to do before work, so i should get to it, this wash, rinse, repeat, condition is a hour wuk and i have stinky sea water hair.

i’ll be back later.

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