an afternoon at the movies

July 4, 2003 — Leave a comment

the timer works perfectly, i reworked some of the page colours, i’m feeling pretty good about myself. [edit: so i have a stack of dvds that i borrowed. i seemed to have consumed all the indy flicks that are worth seeing that they have, so i`ve borrowed commercial drek]

it being july 4, it’s seems to be a slow news day in the us, so…

did ufo’s originate in ancient india?

Miracles You Will See In The Next 50 Years (From Popular Mechanics, February 1950, Page 112.) [guess we missed the boat somewhere]

are you an irritating colleague

my result:

You are the perfect, dream colleague. Your sunny disposition is cheering and you ALWAYS make the tea. Please feel free to drop down Guardian Unlimited’s chimney once the wind changes.

and your early moment of zen

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