regaining a mesure of control

June 18, 2003 — Leave a comment

wow this being assertive things works. yeah right, the forecast of rain all weekend forced the cancellation of the shoot, i’m going to have to work over the next two days using the stock photos i’d found, but somehow i feel more comfortable with that. and when the we get final approval from client well know exactly what and how need stuff shoot.

it’s nice to have that particular load of shit off my shoulders. also means i don’t have to get up at some ridiculous hour on friday morning. that being said i should get to work on the layouts and routing the pictures, but i don’t particularly feel like.

so i’ll indulge in some midday surfing.

food porn (for vic) [it’s not what you think]

30 second ice cream (for all my geek friends with access to liquid nitrogen)

premiere’s 10 hottest sex scenes

and wet dreams for women

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