20 questions

June 18, 2003 — Leave a comment

got this from honeydippedlotus

First Ten:  All About You

1 | What do you wish was your name?

– I love my name, i went through a phase in my teens where i went by my second name, but now… it suits me fine.

2) What song seems to reflect you the most?

currently break stuff -limp bizkit (and that worries me greatly)

3) What thing always makes your day when it happens/ you see it?

seeing my daughter asleep

4) If you could change one of your qualities, what would it be and why?

temper my biting wit

5) What in your life influences you the most?

victoria and my children. whatever i do in my life directly affects them

6) What has been your wildest/best/most interesting fantasy? Has it come true?

no comment. suffice to say it’s has.

7) Which feature of yours do you love? Which do you hate?

my brain. i’ve gotten to a point where i’m happy with how i am.

8) If you had to have a picture be your symbol, what would it be and why?

hmmm, the moon, it reflects the brilliance of other bodies.

9) What would you title the movie or soundtrack of your life?

999 Days

10) What are you most disappointed with so far?

that i’m married 18 months and haven’t spent as many days with my wife

Next Five: About Others

11) What’s one quality that makes a person worth being around?

– Sense of humor

12) What’s one thing about a friend that always pisses you off?

lack of loyalty

13) Ok, now vent your worst people experience:

too man to count

14) What is a major turn on?

intelligence, sense of humor and great legs

15) If you could create the perfect person, what three qualities would they have and what would they look like?

brilliant, funny, talented. long legs and a lovely smile.

Last Five:  About Life

16) What confuses you the most about life?

why people are so intolerant

17) What is one thing that goes on that makes you want to scream?

stupid people

18) Which matters more, people’s words or actions? Why?

actions. i’m in advertising, i sell lies for a living…

19) Does love really make the world go round? Is love present in today’s world?

it does. it’s hanging in there

20) What is one issue is most important to you?


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