being broke always puts me in a vile mood

June 18, 2003 — Leave a comment

i really should have a better control of these mood swings. but the concept of spending what is a 4 day weekend with $4 in my wallet does not fill me with joy. this couple with the fact that i’m supposed to go into work over the next two days.
i actually get paid because it’s a holiday, but fat lot of good it’s going to do me, getting to and fro and getting something to eat.

in an attempt to focus on things other that was destitute state relative to amount of cash that is owed to i’ve been surfing, trying to find various entertainments. there is a lot of serious news but i’m not up to it right now.

these opening gambits are quite entertaining

then there are the continuing adventures of nerve guinea pig- grant stoddard at leather camp

an early forerunner for the bad sex in fiction prize, yes there is such a prize, here are some other examples

going to lay down and read for a while.

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