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June 28, 2003 — Leave a comment

I am sitting on my porch typing this (no wireless acess, just typing and then dialup afterwards), thinking about karma.

of course there is a story to this, i left my office a little after midnight, pondering how i was getting home. my office is petit valley (suburb, about a 15 minute traffic free drive outside of port of spain), now under normal circumstances public transport to and from there is kind of weird, so at midnight it’s damn near impossible, as i was standing there, flagging down every possible automobile, someone stopped for me.
what’s strange is, on this troubled rock (daily kidnappings, murder and mayhem), is that this person stopped for me. even under the best of circumstances, i get odd looks (6’ 2”, black with dreads, i fit a profile, everywhere and not a particularly good one) and he stopped and gave me a lift in to port of spain. no questions asked. i’m usually quite cynical, but under these circumstances all i can say is thank you.
a public and heartfelt thanks. the milk of human kindness has not completely curdled.
may the ripples of this random act of kindness was upon your shore. wherever you are.

good night.

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