it’s 6:30pm and i’m still at the office, it’s been that kind of day. actually it’s because i sat on my ass uninspired all day, that and the new printer that i recommended decided that it was going to be difficult under os x. well i fixed that, now i just need to placate my client when she calls screaming why her webserver which i guaranteed would be up in two days, isn’t going up til monday. i’m so not in the mood. doesn’t help that i have to come into work tomorrow which will be all day adventure by the looks of it.

tonight would be a great night to get fucked, senseless, what am i saying, on any night that would be a dream come through. but tonight i just want to surrender. 21 days, 21 days, 21 days. in three weeks, i’ll be on my way to the airport around now. not soon enough.

i should get back to work, i’m aiming to leaving the printer going with the prints and do the paste up tomorrow. i’ll be back later.


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