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June 28, 2003 — Leave a comment

only 20 more days before gets here. 🙂 my god, the dreams, the dreams. i’m still tingling and it’s midafternoon. i’ve been in the office far too many hours already. the print making continues, either i have exceptionally high standards or most people in the business here have no idea how printing operates.

nevermind, i was going to start ranting but i’m trying to extending the good feeling from last night’s random act of kindness and that truly delicious, sensuous dream. (wouldn’t you like to know)

i’m taking a break while the last of the files save and i managed to squeeze in some tests.

got this one from jadedgrrl and it was too funny not to take, here is my result:

Not Bad

You scored a 32.

You are 43.8% queer.

Well, you are kinda queer, but you still need to work in it a bit.  You only scored in the bottom 50th percentile of queerness.  More than half the world is queerer than you, meaning half the world is having more fun than you.

Others in your queerness category: Pierce Brosnan, Don King, The guy on the Quaker Oats box, Don Johnson,  Dick Van Dyke, your local weatherman, any Asian or guy from Europe.

which makes this result, no surprise:


You are: Flaming Ernie- Wow, I always wondered why

he liked to hang out with Bert…. I always

thought Bert was the gay one…. Ha-  you

proved that one wrong! Oh well. Gay ppl are

happy ppl…

What F*cked up Sesame Charracter are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

(thanks laura)

and this has been knocking about  js for a couple days now:


You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves

your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling

he/she is dreaming.  Quite effective; the kiss

that never lessens and always blows your

partner away like the first time.

What kind of kiss are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

and the friday 5 only a day late (but not very applicable):

1. How are you planning to spend the summer [winter] (august vacation in these parts)?

working mostly (but vic is coming here in 20 days. woo hoo)

2. What was your first summer job?

bagging groceries, loved it.

3. If you could go anywhere this summer [winter], where would you go?

anywhere vic and i could hole up for hours and hours alone.

4. What was your worst vacation ever?

none really, i usually find a way to have a good time wherever i am.

5. What was your best vacation ever?

4 days in barbados with vic

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