well rested

June 27, 2003 — Leave a comment

i actually got to bed before midnight and managed to get at least 6 hours sleep, so i feel a lot better, although i could crawl back in to bed and sleep til noon. adding to this feeling of well being is the fact that victoria will be here in 3 weeks, 21 days. the time seems to be streaming along, two weeks have passed since i started the count already. my dreams and my thoughts have been filled with longing, it not just about the sex, it’s the intimacy, not feeling a stab of jealousy when i see couples holding hands. the simple things, the kissing, the laughing, face to face conversations. i want them and for 10 days next month i get to have them. and we’re not definitely not going to let another 10 months go by we see each other again.

now the news:

strom thurmond died .

everything else is entertainment:

the birthdate thing that’s been floating around:

Of rare beauty
knows how to adapt
likes luxury
of good health
not in the least shy
tends to look down on others
wants to impress others
many talents
healthy optimism
waiting for the one true love
able to make quick decisions.

(sounds about correct except for the second to last one – found my true love)

i have to thank jadegrrl for this truly entertaining link – the world lovemaking championships (vic, do you think we should enter or judge?)

and finally your moment of zen

time for work, blog you later.

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