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June 8, 2003 — 1 Comment

the rains are here and i think they are here to stay. the skies are grey, and it rained all morning. it’s a lovely thing to wake up to the sound of rain thundering down on your roof. it hasn’t done much for the heat. i’m sitting around in my boxers, the sweat pouring off my body. 

i was watching the mtv movie awards at a friends this morning and there were a couple things that bothered me… 

first – Tatu, could that performance be any more manufactured? i watched them and their entourage of women (some of whom appeared to have left school about the same time i did) in school girl uniforms, gyrate and ham it up for the audience. maybe something is right with me, but if it was supposed to titillate, it didn’t i just thought none of the gay women i know behave like that. it was just a show for the desperate young men who think the jiggle of a bra less breast or the hint of a hardening nipple is the holy grail. 

which brings me to my second point, is there a shortage of bras in hollywood? or is it just to help mtv? 

on to my third and final point, this is going to be long, so sit back and get comfortable… 

what is it about dressing children, especially prepubescent girls like $2 crack whores and their pimps? 
these are little children, they don’t need to make hipster pants and bra tops in their sizes, because they lack either and if they do have them they should not be on display. over the last couple of days i’ve noticed this disturbing trend, from the little 8 year old who showed for a casting  in an (i do no lie) off the shoulder midriff top, denim mini and thigh high boots, to some little girl who won an award on the show in hipster pants that she had to keep pulling up because, you have no hips yet, little girl. sigh. maybe i’m old fashioned, but i have two girls. i’m not advocating bubbles and frilly smocks. i’m advocating comfort and childhood. jeans, tshirts, shorts, vests. the occasionally pretty dress when the occasion calls for it. 

my mother used to tell me, that it wasn’t so much delinquent children as delinquent parents. and i tend to agree, how can you dress you child like that? how can you willingly look at your child and think – hey, she looks like a small version of me, that’s good. IT’S NOT! this is not your younger sister or a barbie doll. this is a child, to which you as a parent bear some responsibility. 
and this is not just about the girls either, do you think dressing them like little thugs has no effect on their behaviour? 
sigh, the people that need to read this will never see it, but i just needed to get it off my chest. 

i’m going to give this movie my undivided attention, i’ll be back later with links and your moment of zen.

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