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June 11, 2003 — Leave a comment

the rainy season is finally here (we in the tropics only have two seasons, the wet (rainy) season and the dry (actually not so rainy season), the nights are already cooler. so tomorrow i’m off to site visits and location reconnaissance. which should be interesting to say the least, i’m going to two quarries meaning if it’s sunny out, it’s going to be dry and dusty and if it rains there’s gonna be a whole lot mud. either way it’s going to be hot. i’ve been lax about posting links over the last two days and i’m not going to be around all day tomorrow, so brace yourselves this one is a long ass post. 

first off a quiz i lifted off laura’s blog: 

10 Bands/Artists You Really Like (no particular order) 
Fatboy Slim 
Sergio Mendes 
Miles Davis 
System of a Down 
Guns N Roses 
jimi hendrix 

09 Things You’re Looking Forward To 
july 18 
falling asleep with victoria 
waking up next to victoria 
hugging victoria 
hot, loud, sweaty sex with victoria 
showering with victoria 
eating a meal with victoria 
slow passionate love making with…(oh come on) 
kissing victoria for hours 

08 Things You Wear Daily 
wedding ring 
earrings (x3) 

07 Things That Annoy You 
people wasting my time 
the attitude of police officers/security officials 
the lack of service 
lack of common courtesy 

06 Things That You Touch Everyday 
my computer 
my desk 
my wedding ring 
my mother 
my daughter 
my pda 

05 Things That You Do Everyday 
read email 
give thanks 
listen to music 

04 People That You Want to Spend More Time With 
my children 

03 Movies You Can Watch Over and Over 
ocean’s 11 

02 Of Your Favorite Songs at the Moment 
eulogy – tool 
the call of the ktulu – metallica 

01 Person You Could Spend Your Life With 

whew. not sure how long this post is, so i’m going to do another post with just links

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