i think i may need come up with a shape to describe all the ways this day is fucked. i came in with a plan of action, time management at it’s best by 10:30 it had been fucked beyond all recognition with a sandpaper condom and a barbwire cockring without so much as an offer to buy dinner.

i’m at still at the office as i write this. i’m scrambling to get layouts done for first thing in the morning, having made sure i have all the models for a shoot tomorrow. i’m also trying to finish the artwork for a billboard for tomorrow as well. what’s the rush? i’m going to be out the office all day tomorrow on site visits and location scouting in preparation for 5 days of shooting next week. nevermind that next thursday and friday are public holidays here. darren is pulling his weight like a champion, we’re trying to work out a shooting schedule for next week, but with the deadlines being thrown at us left right and centre, there is only so much we can do.

the best bit, is i love this shit. this is what i fucking live for. i’ve been operating on cruise control for the last two months, finally something i can jump right into. i’m bitching and moaning but really and truly, this is when i’m at my best – under pressure.

as much as i love this shit i want to be out of here in an hour, can’t do that while i’m sitting here typing. i’ll post later, enjoy.


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