send my your poor huddled masses, yearning to be free

May 21, 2003 — Leave a comment

but not yet, and not before they’ve jump through a few hoops first.

so the fingerprint thing (story here) has quite a few people in trinidad getting there panties in a bunch, i would be upset too, but i’ve already been fingerprinted like a common fucking criminal twice (you put up with a hell of a lot for love) and with any luck, the should have been processed by the fbi (this was done since mid-feb (the day before st. valentine’s to be exact)

this is all part of the process i’m currently going through.

am i happy about it? oh hell fucking no.
am i putting up it for the great good? fuck yes.

the only thing that gives me comfort is that with this and all other pogroms, the pendulum will swing back. there was the mccarthy era, the pendulum swing back to camelot, then back to nixon, then to carter… you get the generally idea. the major problem in the us is the lack of balance, everything is done to excess, always. the masses accept whatever is handed to them and in this age of all pervasive media, it’s become much easier to dispense the bullshit. i firmly believe that GWB will do whatever it takes to get a second term (well first actually won) in office, the best we/you can hope for is that he doesn’t kill us all before the time is up and the masses will be able see the shit that’s stuck to them.

i should probably exercise some care with what i say, because i’m begging askance at uncle sam’s door stop and in this age of the patriot act, anything i say, can and will be held against me, but you know what – FUCK THAT!

i have a brain, i can see right from wrong. i love vic dearly, but if moving to the us to be with her means giving up higher brain functions and giving into fear of persecution, we definitely need to find somewhere else to live.

thank you and good night

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