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May 26, 2003 — Leave a comment

i’m going to be late for work, so i figured i might as well compound it by going to the atomic temple and taking a bunch of tests.
can you tell how bored and unmotivated i am. the project (annual report) is done, due to go to the printer today but i’m not handing it over til i get paid (guaranteed to win me friends i tell you) but i never want to work with these people again, so no great loss.

on to the test results (i’m not entirely sure how accurate some of these are because the answer choices seem kind of limited)


I Am The Sex Toy:Fuzzy Cuffs: Everyone knows who’s in charge here, its me!  I’ll grab you by the wrists and not let go until you are good and done.  Ten-hut!
Find out what sex toy you are.


My Romance Meter
Optimist 80%
. .
20% Cynic
Close 86%
. .
14% Distant
Long Term 69%
. .
31% Brief
What does my romance meter read?


Book Worm Meter for KEIFEL
Shut In 71%
. .
29% Out Of The House
Intellectual 77%
. .
23% Moron
High Attention Span 95%
. .
5% Low Attention Span
Bookitude 96%
. .
4% Book Burner
Book Worm84.75%
. .
15.25% Bug Stomper
Take your bookworm readings.


What magazine am I?I am Book: There is nothing better then the written word.  Nothing engrosses me more then a masterpiece on paper.  If you want to watch COPS you can always dig my TV out of the dumpster.
What magazine am I?

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