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May 25, 2003 — Leave a comment

it’s been a long and shitty day and vic is away for the weekend so i didn’t even have her company to look forward to tonight.

but here are some quick links before i turn in for the night. i need to get some fucking sleep, no more slacking off next week, i am the art department at work, til i find a new slave (whoops, juniour artist) and the copy writer wouldn’t know good writing if it jumped up and smacked her around a bit. so more shit for me to deal with. boy am i looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

anyway, the links…

The Disney Doctrine: The Ten Commandments of Childhood

Read it and weep – the independent (uk) looks at book we loathe the US Govt. isn’t so concerned about what behaviour breaches the (Geneva) convention, anymore

thank you and good night.

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