triumph over customer service

May 15, 2003 — Leave a comment

i feel good. sometimes you have to take joy in life’s little pleasures. it was the high point of an all together bleech day. 

i went to the canadian high commission today and was told either i need to find my father (who has to be resident in canada) and get him to sponsor me or take the skilled immigrant test. i score 64 out of a possible 100, pass mark is 75. so i can’t immigrate unless there is a canadian company willing to hire me (and prove there are no canadians that can’t be hired to do the job.) 

i also spent the afternoon watching babershop, there are some disctinct advantages having a computer with a dvd drive. tomorrow is the last day of such entertainments, my boss is back from her shoot on monday. sigh. 

i haven’t gotten to talk to vic much today and i may not tonight because i have a farewell shindig to attend, i’m going because the person that’s leaving is my friend, the host on the other hand are some of the rude fuckers that let me stagger home drunk a couple of weeks ago. [note to self, not getting drunk tonight.] 

as i’m sitting here, i’m pondering about going to this shindig, how am i getting there, how am i getting home? these kind of questions, do i want to waste my precious time with people i don’t like when i could be talking to my wife? decisions, decisions, decisions. 

while i think about it, the news in brief: 

is it just me or is this worrying? 

yet another matrix article 

and i sit here and re-edit this post, i am savouring the taste of free KFC, on our little rock it’s 30 minutes or free delivery, so i’m enjoying the fruits of their tardiness.

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