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dan is the man in the van

October 19, 2009 — 1 Comment

“you are such a flake” she said with a devilish grin. “i’m only five minutes late, if i was flaking i wouldn’t even be here” i countered. we’d been playing this constant cat and mouse game for weeks, with constant last minute cancellations, project meetings and client calls, now, at last we were finally seated at a table about to break bread.

with weeks of careful planning on our part at stake we thought it would be best to hand over all of our communication devices to the maitre’d with strict instructions not to return them to us unless they spontaneously combusted, turned into snakes and started attacking the staff or some other equally implausible eventuality. we had been introduced by mutual friends almost a year ago to the day. according to them we were both smart, funny driven people who would either hit it off beautifully, fall in love and make beautiful children and make everyone else envious of our seemingly perfect lives or we would hate the other’s guts and our friends would have nothing to more to be envious because our ‘perfect’ lives would be devoid of love and they could hold it over our heads.

funnily our friends both used the same word to describe us – rake. as in (s)he is quite the rake, but i love her/him so. we had both broken our share of hearts along the way, but not in a vicious take no prisoners way that precludes the possibility of friendship, in fact the aforementioned friends were multiple exes who based on the same social and professional circles managed to find new interpersonal connections. and now hopefully it was going to be our turn.

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Photo story project. The project was developed in a Language & Gender class held in the Spr ’08 semester at the University of Mississippi.

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a friend needs some help with a project. there is a due date on this project of Monday, I know you want to help and I have great faith in your abilities, so step lively. 

the details are below:

I’m doing a project on storytelling. The 3 accompanying photos are to spur your imagination. I need 30 total participants to write short stories between 200-250 words. The stories must contain the following elements.

What happened before the picture was taken?
What is happening in the picture?
What will happen next?

I ask that people write only one story, 5 women/men per. In the comments please let your fellow participants know which picture you chose using the following format: Picture A, B, or C, male or female, participant 1-5. Ex: AM1 or CF5.

To submit your story:
Please e-mail  anonymuncule08_at_ gmail_dot_com with your story in the body (no attachments), your participant number (e.g. BF3), age.

If you are interested in writing a second story, I also need 10 people (5 m/f) to write about photo D. Please use the same participant number and submit both stories at the same time.

Thank you for your assistance.