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copper or wool

January 28, 2009 — 1 Comment

i think too many people get into relationships expecting the happily ever after. they work on the courting and wooing but don’t continue after the relationship is established.

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three years ago today, vic and i got married in Barbados and finally this is our first anniversary together.

there are no special plans; today at least; i`m at work and vic is working tonight, but we`ve got reservations for dinner on Friday. i think we`re still sort of in awe of being able to celebrate another milestone.

so many things have changed in the last three years but the fundamentals remain the same. i have so much i want to say about this anniversary but i can`t form the words. the simplest summation is; i`m deliriously happy. i am happier than i have ever been as an adult and i feel truly blessed.

this isn`t a fairy tale, it`s isn`t happily ever after, we have our disagreements, we have our moods, but we have our ups and downs but they are ours together; and after all we`ve been through that`s all right too.