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today was exhausting, had to get ready for a presentation at 10, which got pushed back to 2:30, cause i wasn’t finished (there’s an ego boost) and of course at 1:15 the printer decides to go on the blink. eventually it gets printed. by the time it was all over it was midafternoon and i hadn’t had lunch, so i bailed for the day.

which brings me to the point of my somewhat sordid tale…

i work in what could be called in the most pleasant of terms a strip mall. there are a couple of places to eat, a supermarket, a bakery and the pharmacy that got robbed twice, across the street there is a school. it’s one of those schools where parents who can afford pack off the children who can’t cut in the mainstream educational system (it’s a little uncharitable but if i hear another ‘valley’ sounding girl, i may just rip someone head’s off.)
anyway on with our story… bear with me, this is really as it comes to me so there might be some digression. when my younger daughter was about 6 (might have been just a little older or younger, they grow so quickly… focus…) anyway, she used to like to sit with her legs apart and my mother scolded her and told her “ladies don’t sit like that” duly chastised she went home to her mother and told her what had transpired. her mother (a proud feminist) took umbrage and explained the whole victorian mindset of lady-like behaviour. upon my arrival and customary greeting of “good evening ladies” i was made aware that “there are no ladies here only women” by the little miss. (bear with me, there is a point to this story)
i totally agree with the statement and believe that women have the right to sit however they want. but (there had to be one hadn’t there…) if you’re wearing a skirt, sorry, we don’t need to see what colour panties you’re wearing or not wearing and if you shave or not. (look when i’m wearing a skirt/saraong, i don’t sit with my legs spread, no one needs to see)
(finally the point of the story) i was distressed while having lunch to see one of said school girls sitting a top one of the tables, legs akimbo, flashing the entire world (actually flashing is an indiscreet – ooops, i’m sitting badly) this was more along the lines of would you like to slip some money in my panties.
at this point a number of you are going ‘you sick fuck’, but understand me, i looked up from my meal and she was sitting out there and i thought, ‘that’s inappropriate’ and went back to my meal, when i was done, she was still sitting in the same position.
what disturbs me about this whole thing is that none of her friends/acquaintences thought it was worth a mention. the other camp is going as a responsible adult you should have said something. uh huh right, 6′ 2″ black guy with dreads goes up to little pale skinned schoolgirl to tell her goods are on display to the world… i would not be here writing this now, i would be languishing in a fucking jail cell.
which brings me to my next point, don’t these children’s parents teach them anything? right from wrong? just the basics, help them to make their own decisions later on in life.


my wrists hurt. i’ll round up the news and other links of interest later.