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just a quick observation before i go to bed (i know, i know, i should be asleep already – i was contemplating selling my machine and getting a new one, but as of this writing it’s fallen through [hopefully the machine wouldn’t have realised i even contemplated selling and start behaving temperamentally])

when one has no cable, one resorts to whatever is available for one’s tube fix, interestingly i discovered a very cool little show on tv6 (one of two local channels – we get whatever programmes they pick up the rights for off the major and not so major networks) – john doe. it apparently aired on fox, and it’s about a guy who wakes up with amnesia (at least to the extent that he doesn’t know who he is but seems to know everything else). tonight was the season finale episode, so i went online (as one is wont to do with things that peak your interest) only to discover that john doe hadn’t been renewed for another season, leaving us (faithful views) with a cliffhanger and no hope satisfaction.

which brings me to my point, over the years tv6s has brought quite a number of series to local television audiences only to have them cancelled (ok some of them have come to the end of their run, but only after tv6 started showing them)…

dark angel, xfiles, buffy, witchblade, john doe, if i watched more tv i would know these things, but who really cares anyway

is this bad choice or bad tv6 karma? just a thought before you go to bed.

good night.