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say what you want, support the troops, support the war, but there is a line that has to be drawn somewhere, while we`ve been distracted by Martha, the eating/drug problems of the Olsen twins and the capture of wanted dissenter; Bobby Fischer, things thought hidden and withheld are coming to light.

the debacle that is Abu Ghraib has take a turn for the worse. what`s worse that the torture, how about the rape of little boys; in front of their mothers. what kind of fucking sick shit is that. there is no justification for that. and the fact that the story broke internationally at least a week ago and there has been no coverage in major US news outlet, shows… i don`t even know what i want to say anymore.

i can`t even find the words… i`m sitting here reading the stories on the verge of tears. i`m not sure why i want to cry, whether it`s rage over the fact that a government would allow or much worse encourage something like this or my fear for my own children and family in the inevitable reaction to this.

i`m just going to post some of the links now because i am completely at a loss for words, a word of warning, these stories are not for the faint of heart.

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Guardian UK
Google translation of Der Speigel article