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i finished kathryn harrison’s the binding chair this morning and i should get back to the richard brautigan but it is national masturbation month so i’m starting aqua erotica edited by mary anne mohanraj instead. it’s a formula one sunday so i’ve been up since 7:30 watching the spanish grand prix.

what is it about depression and horniness. i seemed to have risen out of my funk, but now i’m incrdedibly horny. masturbation is a relief but it that’s about it. there is no joy in it anymore. and i’m orally fixated and there is really no substitute for that is there.

i’m supposed to go to a birthday party tonight but i’m wondering have i already partied too much on friday and do i need to go and see all these happy couples?

i’ve just made an observation watching F1, a lot of the ads are for hair loss products. i understand the car ads, the new porsche SUV (more on that in a minute) ads for upcoming stuff on the channel, but what are they saying, F1 fans are a bunch of middle aged guys who are losing their hair?

which brings me to the porsche SUV, what is the market for that? what is the point of it? as if there aren’t enough status symbols in the world do we need this? or i could just be jealous that i can’t afford one? what’s next a ferarri family sedan?