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Bring out the gimp!

October 6, 2004 — Leave a comment

there are days when living in the US scares the crap out of me. and today is one of them.

i`ve always been very cynical about paying taxes, i think my money is usually wasted on something that i genuinely abhor and i`ve been proved right. i`m a huge proponent of the separation of church and state. i think if churches don`t pay taxes they should have absolutely say in matters of policy, but obviously my opinion is not shared by the powers that be.

here`s the first paragraph from a story in Sunday`s SF Chronicle:

President Bush has some new troops in his crusade to promote “healthy marriage” and teen celibacy with federal funds — followers of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the controversial Korean evangelist and self-proclaimed new world messiah. read the rest

i`ve been trying to vent my anger here without resorting to expletives, after reading this i`m realising how difficult a task it is.

it’s been a long day and i should have realised from my mood yesterday what’s going on with me. the hormones are ramping up, my skin is all tingly, hormones are in overdrive…

well you get the general idea.

i don’t think the temperature is helping much. it’s avergaging mid 30C (not quite sure what the F equivalent is) daily and the night time lows are still in the high 20s and 30s.

i left work today to get a print made and didn’t go back. i just didn’t feel like being cooped up anymore and i wasn?t really working, my mind had been wandering all day, i wasn’t particularly nasty to anyone, i just didn’t feel like working.

it’s tax season here and as a self employed person (well formerly self employed), i have to gather all my bills, the due date for filing was today, but i only got the form on monday and i’ve never filed as a self employed and i need to find out what is allowable. more fun.