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August 25, 2004

sometimes the random titles are not so random. i worked late for the first time today at my job. that has to be a record of some sort, almost two months before i stayed pass the allotted hour.

it wasn`t completely unwarranted, i took some time during the day today to go to an appointment [more on that at a later juncture] and i stay in to make up the hours which was fortuitous cause i needed to finish up as much of the job i`m working on to send it the client to peruse. i can`t say for approval because so much info is still missing, i`m not sure how likely we are to make our deadline but the immortal words of men in the trenches everywhere “mine is not reason why, mine is just to do or die”.

i also had my first fun paste up experience this evening. i loathe paste up, i can do it, because when i started in this business that was the way; but i hate the spray adhesive on my fingers, the trimming, the foolish mistakes i tend to make when i`m doing it, forcing me to do it over but in an office this small, you do your own paste up. i managed to avoid the spray adhesive and staple it together, but i think when all is said and done next week i`m going to have to do it anyway to send a dummy to the printer.

there was actually supposed to be a list yesterday but i got distracted with all of apple’s cool shit.

so i’ve installed itunes 4, reorganised my music library, checked out the store and lusted after the ipods. i’ve also been playing around with ijournal, it’s nice, i’m trying to figure out why i keep getting the error any suggestions welcome.

tomorrow is the big presentation, so i get to spend all of today spraying and mounting, joy, joy… who doesn’t love sticky hands. i still hate my job but i feel much more validated, i’m doing good work and if they can’t appreciate it, fuck it.

as you can probably tell, i’m pysching myself up for the disappointment, the end of the month is in two days and i haven’t heard from the other company, so i’m assuming the worst.

i owe, i owe, so it’s off to work i go, i owe, i owe, i owe.