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friday night was great fun, actually the whole weekend was lovely, good friends and good food.

my father`s side of my family are alcoholics; i`m not sure this is because it`s damn near impossible to get us drunk and hung over or we like to drink so much that we`re born with alcohol in our bloodstream.

i`ve known my limits or lack of for a very long time, so i feel no need to prove myself every time i have a drink but the times i do over-indulge tend to be epic. friday night was no exception; sometime between 7pm and 3am i managed to consume the better part of a half bottle of Jack Daniels and still remain almost completely sober and much to the chagrin of one of the players; unfazed the following morning after all that epic drinking.

that binge on friday means there will be no mass consumption of anything alcoholic for some time to come, i rather like my liver and i`d like to have the continued use of it.