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friday night was great fun, actually the whole weekend was lovely, good friends and good food.

my father`s side of my family are alcoholics; i`m not sure this is because it`s damn near impossible to get us drunk and hung over or we like to drink so much that we`re born with alcohol in our bloodstream.

i`ve known my limits or lack of for a very long time, so i feel no need to prove myself every time i have a drink but the times i do over-indulge tend to be epic. friday night was no exception; sometime between 7pm and 3am i managed to consume the better part of a half bottle of Jack Daniels and still remain almost completely sober and much to the chagrin of one of the players; unfazed the following morning after all that epic drinking.

that binge on friday means there will be no mass consumption of anything alcoholic for some time to come, i rather like my liver and i`d like to have the continued use of it.


May 3, 2003 — Leave a comment

i didn’t stay in last night, my ex wife encouraged me to get out of the house and to come to a gig her bf was playing. (side note: in between all the drinking i did hear him play and he’s quite talented. he started the set with some cover tunes but then finished with a set of originals.) it was mostly to prevent me from staying at home and drinking alone (which is always a bad sign), so i went out and drank, drank myself fucking stupid. 2 jack daniels & coke, 4 southern comfort & sprite, 2 beers and the shot of tequila that was the final nail in the coffin.

somehow i managed to stagger home and collapse into bed. i’d never experienced a hangover before today… oh my god, i swore i’d never drink again but we know how long these promises last. i’ll probably never drink to excess again.

which brings me to another point, is it just me, but if you’re drinking with friends, aren’t you the least bit concerned about how they’re getting home? i lurched away from a table full of people and no one seemed the least concerned how i was getting home, not a peep.

anyway i got home and i recovered…

recovered enough to go see x2, as a matter of fact. which was great, had a blast, i loved it. actually planning on going to see it again.

so in a nutshell was my day. i’m still battling the after effects of that massive bout of drinking so i’m going to get something to eat, put my feet and watch spiderman on tv