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last weekend i was fortunate enough to see once upon a time in the west and both kill bill movies. i`ve been a long time fan of sergio leone and have managed to borrow all the man with no name westerns from the library.

in terms of just sheer film making once upon a time in the west is a work of genius. the opening 13 minutes of the film have very little dialogue, no score and features once of the best opening lines in any western.

interestingly, although both once upon a time in the west and kill bill are revenge flicks, kill bill is more an onanistic endeavour on the part of tarentino. i`m not saying i didn`t like the film, but seeing both these movies on the same weekend show up the weakness of kill bill, particularly volume 1.

this weekend i watched a fistful of dollars which is an homage to akira kurosawa`s yojimbo, which was later redone as last man standing with bruce willis.

the leone westerns made clint eastwood a star and redefined the genre. in looking at these movies recently i realise that many directors have borrowed liberally.

do yourself a favour, experience these movies for yourself.