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Farewell Mr. Jobs

October 6, 2011 — 4 Comments

My boss died today. And although there are numerous more eloquent eulogies out there, I thought I’d add one more to the growing pile of accolades.

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American Gods

July 6, 2005 — Leave a comment

vic and i have been listening to Neil Gaiman`s American Gods for about a week now. i had heard more of it before i convinced her to listen and now we`re listening to the last six hours of the unabridged version that i downloaded during a free audible trial.

i`d read the book before, but listening to it, is lending some more nuance to the tale. it`s also got me thinking, especially in light of the political and religious climate here, in this country and in this town. in the store there is a standing joke among those of us that work on a Sunday; find the Lord, lose all good sense and manners.

the worst behaved people that we have in the store are always on Sundays. it`s amazing how badly all these people in their Sunday best behave and how steeped they are in their belief that they have the right to talk to you however they feel like. this isn`t a rare occurrence, the store has been open four Sundays, i`ve worked three of them and without fail there is at least one person, still dressed for church and comes in and abuses us. and that is primary reason i loathe organised religion; the people.

every time my shift ends at the store i find myself more than a little surprised that it`s over. i`ve never really considered myself a people person but i spend at least 20 hours every week interacting with people, answering questions and giving them the best advice i can and at the end of the day i feel good about it. but i digress.

i think Nashville has more square footage allocated to churches than there is office space, this might be an exaggeration, but i doubt it. drive along any major thoroughfare and there is at least two churches per block or a strip mall. it`s all about what you worship, isn`t it? and all of them, churches and malls are massive erections screaming for attention. and i wonder where is the humility and couldn`t the money spent on building these gaudy displays be better served in helping those in need.

these are the sort of thoughts that i have that make me a `bad` person but i can live with myself.

i came, i saw, i kicked ass, i took names and my feet are killing me.

today was the grand opening of our store. after 46 hours of training, i was unleashed on an unsuspecting public; i was polite, i was helpful and apparently people liked me. go figure.

i have to say my first foray into the retail experience was not as bad as i expected. considering that over the course of the day i think at least 3000 people came through the doors of the store. we had 1000 tshirts to give away and they were gone in two hours and there wasn`t a let up until about and hour before i left.

and i`m back in the fray for a full day again tomorrow, aching feet and all.

an apple a day

May 3, 2005

well part time at least.

i am the newest part-time Apple Specialist at Green Hills Mall.

i`m getting paid to do something i love with a discount, hopefully i`ll have a pay cheque to take home.