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so my tattoo guy came today for the interview, my boss is pleased. if we can just compromise on what we can pay, we’re on like socks. the kind of work i think we can produce is fucking amazing. we can play off each other’s strengths. we can change the face of advertising in the country (mwah hah ha ha ha) and then the world (equally sinister laugh here)

an observation on html and characters i usually put the sinster laughter in between the great than and less that symbols but i just remembered that in html those are used as instruction markers, so i have to settle for regular brackets. (just a little geek knowledge.)

on with our story…

i still haven’t done a lick of work for the morning, too busy watching roger dodger and making last minute arrangements for the shoot in the morning. it is amazing the amount of time that’s spent preparing, planning, organising what will well turn into 3 minutes of actually shooting.

i also realised that my spelling is terrible, i should be ashamed, but i’m not really, just appalled, i’ll trying to do a better job of it in the future. in a what could be construed as a sign vic got a memo about taking time off from work upon her return today. we’ve decided we’re not backing down, she’s coming to see me one way or another, it’s been far too long. we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.

as he was leaving today the tattoo guy asked me if i was coming around to get more ink this weekend. my back is healing quite nicely and i’m thinking i should just get it continue a-pace, i have nothing else on the plate this weekend. no formula one, no parties, nada. 

i have darren’s machine which i’ll get organised tonight but otherwise i have diddly squat to do all weekend. invitations for lunch, dinner, movies are all welcome.

now back to your regularly scheduled programme…

so i’m trying random subject lines. but from stuff that’s going on  in my life, it may not necessarily have anything to do with the acutal post, but rest assured it reflects something that influenced me today. 

i’m also reclaiming the term pear-shaped as a good thing. i just have to figure out another term for the absolute mess my day attempted to turn into. i just gave up on working this afternoon and finished watching ‘real women have curves’ which was real sweet (america ferrera is gorgeous), i tried to leave early and then got stuck in a pre production meeting with my boss. 

what is interesting is my job gets more interesting everyday as my workload increases. this is my last month on probation and my boss is introducing me to people as the creative director. not a title i object to. even if i don’t get paid for it, it looks great on a resume. i spoke to vic this afternoon as well (dance of joy, dance of joy), as a friend of mine pointed out, i’m making it sound as if we’re on the same landmass, but you take your joys as you can. this has been the longest we’ve been without any kind of communication. 

the itching has started. always the least fun part of getting a tattoo, i’ve got a boatload of tabs open, following links, keeping myself distracted. 

thsirt hell (guaranteed to offend someone) 

Department of Justice finds “significant problems” in the detainment of aliens after Sept. 11. (duh?) 

the camel toe report (believe it or not, there is an entire site dedicated to it, some people just have to much time on their hands) 

and your moment of zen 

i’ll be back later, i’m going to hunt and gather. hunger is starting to get the best of me.