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The duo finally fell after multi-pronged attack by Legislation and Litigation supported the forces of Greed, Ignorance and Stupidity.

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i think it`s my responsibility to police my children`s viewing, reading, gaming, playing habits. when i give up that responsibility to an outside source i can`t say anything when the books i`d like my children to read aren`t in the library or if we own the books my children can`t discuss them without fear of persecution or prosecution.

if i have one problem with the US, it is the lack of personal responsibility. it is the one thing i haven`t been able to adjust to. people don`t want to be held accountable for anything but are willing to pass the blame and file suit.

you`re overweight, you sue the fast food restaurant. you injure yourself leaping from a moving bus, you sue the transportation authority. when did the value of litigation as opposed to plain good sense become the rule of the day? i think the ability to get lawyers to take these cases and judges to hear them is immoral.

what also worries me is my inability to do anything about legislation and decisions being made on a governmental level. i`m not a citizen, i have no voting rights and the way things are going, disagreeing with the government may cause my status here to be reviewed. is it because i haven`t lived under the bill of rights all my life that i don`t take it for granted? everyday the state becomes more Orwellian as individuals give up their personal responsibility to themselves and their children and let someone else manage their lives, what they should know, what their children should see. it always seems simple at first, it`s always the little things for the `greater good` and when you finally do realise that you`re living in a prison of your own construction, it`s too late.

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