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just to clear up any misunderstandings; the apple store job is part time. it`s supposed to supplement my income although i`m really not sure how much i`m going to take home.

i have been planning on getting a new machine to work on at home. i haven`t really been chasing freelance work because as much as i love that laptop it`s 5 years old and there are days when it shows it.

i`ve spent the last couple of days reworking my resume, partially as a pre-emptive strike, partially because i need to feel like i`m doing something productive with my life. as i was reorganising my resume i realised, degree or not, i`ve got skills and i deserve better. i suppose i knew that all the time but sometimes it good to see in black and white.

as much as i`d like to make the apple store job full time, the simple truth is that it doesn`t pay enough. we couldn`t survive. i`m not thrilled with what i`m getting paid now but it does pay the bills, keeps us fed and we`re pretty debt free; at least in the sense we`re not incurring any more. i really just wish i were making that little extra so we wouldn`t have weeks like this one and could build a bit of a cushion.