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September 3, 2004

apropos a title as any.

last night we took the boychick to see weird al. his birthday is on Monday, so this was part of his birthday present. he was thrilled, we didn`t tell him where we were going until we got there and he didn`t find out who it was until we sat down. he was thrilled, i think we earned a boatload of cool parent points last night.

i think this holiday weekend is appropriately titled, there is going to be a lot of labour involved. we`re driving to my mother in law`s this evening after work to start painting the walls of the play room.

an aside about painting; i love house painting, i think it`s one of the most relaxing things in the world, it`s one of those zen things for me.  in relaxation terms, it`s right up there with doing laundry for me. last weekend while we there i painted the ceiling, i`m tall enough and the ceiling was low enough for me to just stand there with the brush and get it done, this weekend we`re doing the walls. i`ve joked if i became independently wealthy, i`d probably paint houses and pump gas to pass my days. the pumping gas is another tale.

on saturday, we`re off to my brother in law`s for his annual lakeside labour day soiree and then back to my mother in law`s to finish painting the room on sunday. on sunday evening or early monday, we`re back home and there are supposed to be a parade of people through the house to celebrate the actual date of the the boychick`s birth.

this weekend is going to be exciting to say the least. i hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend with special thoughts to the people in Fl.