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August 26, 2004 — Leave a comment

Jenna Jameson has published a book, more power to her. there are editorials everywhere either lauding or decrying the mainstreaming of porn. i`m truly shocked that anyone is surprised, we`ve turned sexuality into a commodity and like any over-exposed commodity we`ve decreased the value. the adult industry needs to go mainstream, it`s simply a matter of survival.

we can see as much breasts and butocks in 30 seconds of prime time advertising as Cinemax`s late night programming and it`s only going to get worse, not because the adult industry is going mainstream but because we are becoming more repressed. it`s a vicious circle; we`re becoming more and more desensitised to sex, so advertisers are going to greater extremes to get our attention and in a knee jerk reaction people are going to find more stuff objectionable, which brings us back to doe, doe, doe. it`s a self perpetuating cycle and the solution is so simple. well at least i think so.

stop objectifying sexuality.

it`s natural, people need to accept that. it`s not simply for procreation, it`s not the solely the purview of people in love or people who are married. it is a natural instinct. i`m not saying you should go out and copulate with everyone you meet; well actually that is your choice, but we need to realise that the enjoyment of our sexuality is hardwired into our psyches. i`ve had a lot of sex, some of it in love, some of it fantastic, occasionally bad, some experimental. does this make me less of a person? i think not. i`ve accepted my desires and found someone to share them with.

the key to advertising is desire. advertisers try to sell you things; whether you want or need them by playing on your desires. until people accept that; to quote George Michael; `sex is natural, sex is fun`, sexuality is going to be pivotal as selling point. if we want to see less of it, we need to take it back, teach ourselves and our children that sex is not a bad thing.