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The House of Representatives is voting on the Marriage Protection Amendment (formerly the Federal Marriage Amendment) today.

edit: passage of the bill failed: 227 – 186

new name, same stupid prejudices. i was going to write about something completely different today, but i got a glimpse of this in my mailbox and now my hackles are raised.

i don`t need the government to tell me who should and should not be married, we`ve tried this before and it doesn`t work. it was called miscegenation and the all the same arguments about the sanctity of marriage came up then too.

the driving force behind these amendments; the original one and the newly disguised idiocy; seems to be the Christian Coalition of America; more good Christianity at work for you. what happened to separating Church and State or did that go out the window when the current commander in chief installed a hotline to god in the White House?

there are far more important issues at hand. homosexual marriage is not going to destroy the sanctity of marriage; based on my experience; i think heterosexuals have had long enough to screw it up.

i don`t hear any outcry that the bachelor, bachelorette, who wants to marry a millionaire, wife swap, trading spouses or any other programming of that ilk were destroying the sanctity of marriage. why? because they`re not. people are still getting married in droves and divorced just as quickly, because there is no such thing. it`s a concept, a more that changes from generation to generation. from women`s suffrage to wearing pants to women entering the work place, each one of those were considered a threat to the sanctity of marriage in their time.

from betty bower – america`s best christian