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The Patriot Act & you

November 10, 2004 — Leave a comment

John Ashcroft has resigned but his enduring legacy remains with us;  The Patriot Act.

most people would like to believe the only people that have anything to fear from the Patriot Act are terrorists. that`s not quite true, this problem with this act isn`t just with the information that can be acquired about you, it`s about how it can be acquired.

there are checks and balances in the legal system written into the constitution to ensure it isn`t abused, the Patriot Act removes quite a number of these; the most important of which is the burden of proof. people are willing to sacrifice almost anything for the illusion of safety and the patriot act panders dangerously to that illusion.

this isn`t just about access to your personal records, under the Patriot Act you can be detained with out bail or trial; indefinitely; on a suspicion.

what is to prevent it from being you?