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i hope. i had a bout of sleeplessness last night which is rare for me (i’m a head to pillow, awake the next morning kind of guy), tossed and turned for a while before i feel asleep and then proceeded to get up far too early this morning. it’s kind of overcast this morning and i missed the weather forecast, so i’m not sure what to expect on my day out. should be fun anyway.

i should go get ready, i have a couple ‘i’s’ to dot and ‘t’s’ to cross before i leave this morning. aaaah the power. right, just making sure the shit that i have to do gets done or can keep til tomorrow.

vic, i love you, i will be careful. i’m missing you terribly. not talking to you during the day is throwing me off, but i’m holding onto the  end results.

i’ll be back sometime this even with details of my adventures. have a good one.

you know that point when you’re so tired, you just can’t sleep?

yes, you read right. there is a point where you’ve pushed your body past the limits, you’re running on pure adrenaline or something. i got to that point about 1:30 this morning as i created pdfs and lower versions of qxp of the file i was working on just to make sure the idiots that have to print the job, don’t find a reason to fuck it up, every font, every file, everything. i may not be giving them enough credit, but based on conversation i had with the moron of a printer tonight (well last night) i think i need to have all my bases covered. i also don’t know if this is the exhasution or i’m mellowing in my old age, but i broke the golden rule tonight, i handed over printer ready art work without collection a cheque first. i’m taking a leap of faith and hoping it doesn’t bite me in the ass (i can always tell when i’m tired i start mixing my metaphors), the client (or at least the person that hired me) is the wife of a good friend and the person that help me develop my job principles, so i’m hoping the pittance i get (or don’t get) paid does not end a very long friendship.

you might be wondering why the hell at 2:30am i don’t go to fucking sleep… the problem with that is that i have another job to finish or at least have a near final draft to send to the client first thing in the morning, i took it thinking i would be done and rid of the fucking annual report by 10pm latest. i can’t bail now, so i just going to keep on going, hopefully, i’ll get some sleep tonight, otherwise it’s caffine OD tomorrow.

i should get to work, i’ll be back later. either when i’m done or when i get up or when i eventually get to work.