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June 12, 2003 — Leave a comment

i hope. i had a bout of sleeplessness last night which is rare for me (i’m a head to pillow, awake the next morning kind of guy), tossed and turned for a while before i feel asleep and then proceeded to get up far too early this morning. it’s kind of overcast this morning and i missed the weather forecast, so i’m not sure what to expect on my day out. should be fun anyway.

i should go get ready, i have a couple ‘i’s’ to dot and ‘t’s’ to cross before i leave this morning. aaaah the power. right, just making sure the shit that i have to do gets done or can keep til tomorrow.

vic, i love you, i will be careful. i’m missing you terribly. not talking to you during the day is throwing me off, but i’m holding onto the  end results.

i’ll be back sometime this even with details of my adventures. have a good one.

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