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well, it appears that the dry season is now officially over. i’m sitting here listening to the rain beat a tattoo on the roof. i love the rain, the sound on the roof, the smell of hot asphalt after the rain falls, cars swishing by in the wet.

it hasn’t done anything for the heat, it’s still sweltering here. now we’re just hot and wet.

good vibes has updated the masturbation month page, the theme this year is “I’d rather be masturbating.”, cute although i’m indulging because i’m not getting any, although mutual masturbation is quite lovely.

can anyone explain to me why in this day and age, it still takes anything to three weeks to get from one end of the caribbean to another or why in an organisation the siz and scope of the INS or as it’s now known, the department of homeland security immigraiton division, why there aren’t back up systems?

you can’t tell me where my application is because the system is down?
what the fuck is that? and you don’t know when it will be back up?
and i can’t get pissed off at these people, because they hold my fucking life in their hands. i don’t even know if it’s safe to vent online.

sigh, i’m going to play in the rain, something has to make this day better.