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yesterday, hidden amoung the smoke and mirrors of the faux bombs in London, Congress voted to extended the Patriot Act. all under the guise of keeping `us` safe.

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i’ve been on an emotional high since i’ve gotten back from the party and the additional good news today has me pretty stoked. adding to all of this good news is the fact that i have the day off work tomorrow (the entire are is going to be without power from 8am – 4pm, no point in sitting around in the dark) so i’m off to the movies and hopefully getting some ink. 

tonight i was planning to stay in and read, but i just read about the demise of one of my favourite couples, so i’m taking her with me to celebrate my victory and keep her distracted for a little while. 

here are some quick links (need to go grab a shower and get ready before k gets here): 

about time we had these 

a first amendment internet battle 

another quiz (i found it, but i haven’t taken it) 
ok, i’m weak, i took the fucking test (as soon as i work out the errors in the html, i’ll post the result) 

and finally a collection of tijuana bibles (if you don’t know what they are, now is a good time to find out)