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Know thine enemy

July 2, 2004

i have no desire to see Michael Moore`s new film and this Bush administration does not fill me with confidence either. to me they are different sides to the same coin; excess.

they both prey upon the fears of people and use these fears to justify what they are doing. and they`re both profiting greatly as well. i posted The Boondocks comic earlier this week because i believe that we should never become so blinded by what we believe is right that we`re willing to do the wrong thing to support it. two wrongs have never and will never make a right.

do i agree with any neo-[insert evil of choice here]? not necessarily but that doesn`t mean they don`t have the right to speak. they do and more often than not it will do you good to listen, it will help you learn something; if not about them, about yourself. Sun Tsu said “Know thine enemy as thyself.”

there are things i believe strongly in, politics is not one of them there are too many grey areas and the basic principle of politics; trying to please everyone;  is flawed. i believe in the right on consenting adults to do what their hearts desire in the privacy of their home. i believe in the freedom of the press to investigate and present the absolute truth. i believe religion should have no part of governance. i believe we have a personal responsibility to ourselves and our children to do what is right.

and what is right you ask? i think it boils down to one simple rule; Don`t take what isn`t yours.

enjoy your weekend whatever you do and for the US residents and citizens, it might be a good time to reflect that the freedoms that being fought for all over the globe on a daily basis are willingly being sacrificed right here at home.

double plus ungood

April 7, 2004 — Leave a comment

there is no middle ground it seems. it is always one extreme or another.

everything seems to be in the name of protecting the children. i have children and sometimes you need them to run a little wild, bump their heads, do stupid shit, because if you protect them from everything they wont learn anything.

this isn`t about children so much as it as about the mrs. brofloski`s of the world who get up on their high horses and believe they know what`s best of everyone else.

i wonder if the people who complain or start these protest organisations ever look back and think as it snowballs out of control, what have i done? three months after the superbowl the fcc is still using 3 seconds of nipple as an excuse to crackdown on indecency.

as we were unpacking books i jokingly told vic there may come a point where some of the books are going to have to be secreted, as i read/listen to the news everyday i wonder how far from the truth that is.

i wrote here before about being afraid of the backlash and i think this current fcc witch hunt is only the beginning of something more sinister. think about it, the popularity of the passion, abortion rights being eroded piece by piece, the rabid nature of the gay marriage debate, all within the space of three or four months, i think the pendulum has definitely started swinging in the opposite direction.

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