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had a wonderful night, actually went to bed at a reasonable hour, i’ve written some outlines for the screenplay (yay, me) and i realised i have been lax in keeping you abreast of my reading habits, since i finished the binding chair, i’m still reading the brautigan (i have to take that in stages), i’ve also (re)stared zadie smith’s the autograph manhow to be good – nick hornby and cecilia tan’s black feathers, i finished auqa erotica which was lovely. i also read two pulp novels. 

i feel good this morning. rested, ready to take on the world. i have a good deal of work to, i have a poster to design, another campaign for presentation plus i also need to find a junior artist this week, so all told, i think my time online is going to be somewhat limited. 

i’m even going to get off the machine and go bathe and get to work on time. 

before i go here are some links to get you through the morning or possibly the day: 

very funny comic 

jane’s sex guide (a nice comprehensive reference) 

gaps in bush tax cut 

time to get going. adieu.