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do unto others

January 6, 2005 — Leave a comment

despite the biblical references; or because of it; this entry is about sex. if you`re easily offended or have no desire to read anything of a sexual nature, now is the time to move on.

ok, still with me?


i have a personal philosophy about sexual practices — don`t indulge in anything that would appreciate having reciprocated. this generally applies to men but should apply across the board.

oral sex

1. if you object to hair, before you insist on your partner shaving, why don`t you try it, see how much fun it is to completely deforest your nether regions and then deal with the regrowth.

2. for those of you that object to taste and smell, i would suggest you sample some of your own before you pass judgement. and if you`re really hung up about it, you can suggest you shower together, it`s intimate and you can ensure cleanliness.

3. spitting or swallowing – if you want your partner to swallow, see 2 (above) and bear in mind you are what you eat. there are a few fairly detailed articles on taste in a number of places but i`ve found this and this to be fairly accurate and the most interesting read.

anal sex

there is only one rule: trust, comfort and lots of lube. apply all three of these equally and you can`t go wrong.

that`s just open to so many possibilities.

this month is good vibrations anal sex month.

as with most other things sexual, i don`t judge consenting adults for any practice you choose to indulge in and i would appreciate the same courtesy. i think any sexual activity is a two way street, meaning if you`re a guy and willing ask your partner to indulge you, you should be just as willing to, at least, have your prostate massaged.

anal sex is not something that should be rushed into. as with any other sexual practice; no matter what you saw in that movie; it should be indulged in with care, both physical and emotional. if you`ve ever been interested or would like some clear, factual information, these 10 rules are probably the best guidelines you can start with.